Hotel SKT. Annæ

"A luxurious boutique hotel embodying the soul of Copenhagen."

A shared passion for Design, Quality & Detail

Hotel SKT. Annæ is a charming four star boutique hotel with a vision to create the experience of Copenhagen from the inside. With attention paid to both design, quality and detail, the hotel offers a carefully thought-out concept based on the same three keywords that we at Nimbus state as our core values.

The hotel's passion for a high level of design, quality and detail is what gives its visitors a feeling of comfort, authenticity and well-being. Powerful focal points, which are also the guidelines that give our Nimbus garments their unique identity.

A celebration of Copenhagen roots and Danish design

Located in the historical city centre, the designers of the hotel have tried to maintain the soul of the buildings, combined with high quality and design. The hotel is built around the characteristic Copenhagen back yards, bringing the feeling of Copenhagen inside - full of life and nice atmosphere.

The interior design at Hotel SKT. Annæ has a great focus on Danish design classics as well as newly established Danish design brands. The choice of furniture and decor has been carefully selected to celebrate Danish design tradition and to support authenticity of place at the hotel. Copenhagen and its history is at the core of the interior, and the references to the city can be found in every corner of the hotel.

A well considered Business-to-Business perspective

Hotel SKT. Annæ has made an effort in considering its business guests. The hotel offers advantageous corporate agreements for those who travel to Copenhagen for business, and it makes a virtue of always offering a safe and welcoming space full of warmth, to ensure that business guests feel at home even when travelling.

From the details in the interior design to the helpful staff, the hospitality and welcoming atmosphere of the hotel is striking. Besides that, Hotel SKT. Annæ offers functional business facilities, such as a private fitness room and nice areas for meetings. It has a spectacular atrium courtyard with power stations at every seat for those who wish to work in an inspiring environment with high cellings and plenty of daylight, or a laidback luxurious lounge if cosy furniture and soft lighting is preferred. For those away on longer business travels, the hotel has apartments with kitchen facilities and a separate bedroom. Surely, business guests, as well as others, will feel welcome in these unique surroundings.


Elegance, Versatility & Quality

Discover our range of carefully crafted knitwear, staged in the elegant setting and atmosphere of the luxurious boutique hotel; Hotel SKT. Annæ.